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About Us

A Foodservice Broker & Foodservice Consulting Company

The D.D. Reckner Co. is the oldest, independent, continuous, multi-generational food brokerage in America. Our values and forward-thinking make us an excellent partner for manufacturers.

We represent food service brands, introduce new products to industry trigger points, manage distribution throughput, facilitate the creation of custom foods, and provide procurement services for companies that buy food in the Midwest and nationally.

We are a team of two dozen+ associates, chefs, industry veterans, and registered dietitians with several hundred of years of combined experience.

Why Reckner

The D D. Reckner Company is proud to be a family owned business. We embrace both our employees and business partners as a part of our family.

We are easy to work with.
We provide open market access for training and visits.
We answer our phones.
We provide timely reporting and intelligence.
You have access to all team members.
Our effective administrative team enables sales to
spend more of the day out selling for you.

Our History

Donald Dean Reckner started as a salesman for the Campbell Soup Company. In 1959, he moved from Charles City, Iowa to Columbus, Ohio after being asked to pioneer their new institutional division.

1965, Don took a chance… He started The D.D. Reckner Company and became a food broker. From inception, it was a family business. Don would be out selling customers and his wife, Judy, would be writing phone orders on the kitchen counter before supper.

Don’s oldest son, Michael, began selling for the company in 1973. His second son, Mark, began in 1977. Together they grew their business and became a major force in food service sales statewide.

Today, The D.D. Reckner Company operates throughout the Midwest as the “go-to” source for market knowledge and foodservice sales. Six family members work at the company, including four of Don’s grandsons. They are bolstered by industry veterans and the best support staff in the industry.


The business of food service is about feeding families. We pride ourselves on being upstanding citizens in the communities we serve. The D.D. Reckner Co. donates all unused samples and food to local food banks and charities.

We believe in land conservation. We enjoy supporting our natural resources and animal habitat.

Elevate Your Food Business with The D.D. Reckner Co.